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Weekend Shenanigans + Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

I was telling my friend yesterday how I need to find a babysitter for Elle that is not my family or her normal babysitter but it’s hard! First Elle does not warm up to people easily (especially women) and it takes her a while to even crack a smile if she feels like you are getting close to her. In the buggy at Walmart she says “Hello” to everyone but as soon as they get too close she looks at…

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Top 8 Toddler Favorites

In a previous post I talked about my Top 8 Baby Favorites that got me through my first year of mommy hood. Some of…

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2018 Goals on Deck

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that is already a brand new year. I feel like time with Elle is going super fast and…

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Christmas Deals & Steals

Christmas is almost upon us and although I am one to start buying gifts for the next year the day after Christmas, not everyone…

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Oysters + Wine

The cold is upon us and I am not here for it. I do like wearing sweaters, vest, and boots but these can easily…

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“That” Kid

Sundays are usually reserved for relaxing and hanging out but this past Sunday I thought why not venture out for some family time and…