New Goal for 2018 + Fav Winter Shirts
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New Goal for 2018 + Fav Winter Shirts

So I think I added a new goal to my 2018 goal list, thanks in part to my BFF. On New Years Day my BFF’s family all get together to eat and bring in the new year with each other. When I showed up to her aunts house she was decked out in a blouse and heels. I was a little surprised since she wasn’t going anywhere and I asked her why she was so dressed up for just to sit in the house. She politely informed that she has so many clothes in her closet and never wears them so for the new year she planned to make more of an effort to wear her closet. When I thought about it that’s so true and I think a lot of women don’t utilize their closets the way they could. I for one know I am guilty of it. For one I love sneakers and t-shirts, it’s easier to wrangle Elle when I am comfortable, and I never want to waste an outfit. But if I am not wearing it aren’t I wasting it anyway? So I decided “hey self”, you can do that too. For brunch yesterday I decided to get “fancy”. Not too fancy because I don’t want to set my bar to high since it’s only January. Slow and steady wins the race… BUT I put together some of my favorite shirts for winter below. Hope this post inspires you to throw on that cute top and heels even when you feel like wearing house slippers and sweatpants.

Rugrats Tee   X   Velvet Top   X   Plaid Button Up   X   Jurassic Park Tee   X   Off The Shoulder Sweater

Rugrats Tee – Rugarts are classic. I mean you can’t go wrong sporting a tee with Tommy Pickle on it.

Velvet Top – I used to be so against velvet but I have learned when done right it’s super cute and comfortable. Plus my velvet top I own was on clearance so you know… It was a must.

Plaid Button Up – This shirt is not only comfortable but also versatile. You can wear it with boots, heels, or sneakers. A three for one!

Jurassic Park Tee – I am not sure why but I LOVE distressed or vintage looking tees. I don’t know what it is about them but if I see one I have to have it. And plus who doesn’t like Jurassic Park???

Off The Shoulder Sweater – Perfect to keep warm but also be a little sexy at the same time. Kinda like a bear skin rug in front of a fireplace (I think that makes sense. If not disregard)

Some shirts are similar to ones I own but cute nonetheless. And don’t be afraid to dress up a t-shirt with heels or cute booties. If you think it’s cute, go for it!

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    Written by Neea

    January 24, 2018

    Yes you go girl! I’m just like you, I like to hang around in sneakers and t-shirts, but lately I’ve been feeling that I want to wear high heels and skirts, but I feel like if I dress like that I’m too fancy. This post made me realize that you can’t be “too fancy” if you like what you’re wearing.

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      February 3, 2018

      Exactly! Showing love to your entire closet is never a bad thing!

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    February 2, 2018

    I love all of these picks especially the flannel! It is such a classic!

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