Top 8 Toddler Favorites
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Top 8 Toddler Favorites

In a previous post I talked about my Top 8 Baby Favorites that got me through my first year of mommy hood. Some of those items I still use but I have a whole new set of products that I would perish and die without.

1. Children’s 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa -Elle has been using this little sofa since before she was one. I love that it’s plush and you can take the cover off and wash it. The fact that it pulls out is great too because she can lay or sit, which doesn’t seem like that big of deal but toddlers like options. (Who knew) It’s easy to take with us when we travel and she associates it with home which makes her more comfortable.

2. Munchkin Snack Catcher – As much as Elle thinks she is grown unfortunately she is not. So while she would like to carry around a regular bowl all day, her snacks don’t last in one for 30 seconds before they end up on the floor. These snack cups keep everything in place until her chunky hands grabs a handful as if she hasn’t eaten in days. No spills = happy mom. Although these are my favorites they also sell these at the Dollar Tree if you want to keep a few in random places like the car.

3. Crayola Bathtub Crayons – When Elle was a newbie she loved the bath but as she got older for some reason she reverted into the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. She would cry and yell at every bath time making it dreadful. My mom purchased these crayons for her and she has been a new person in the bath since. She is able to doodle while I bathe her and loves drawing together during bath time. Although she is still not fond of the tub she is MUCH better. Now washing her hair is a different story for a different day but I am hopeful that we can master that by the time she is like 10…

4. Apple iPod – A good friend gave me this iPod a few years ago and it is the perfect thing to tote around with Elle for her to watch videos or listen to music on. She has a Kindle Fire Tablet but for some reason she loves to touch the screen repeatedly causing the video to pause or stop which makes her mad and that is somehow my fault. With the iPod I can download Netflix shows for when I don’t have Wi-Fi and I am able to place the screen in Guided Access so that she can’t touch the screen or press any buttons. SN: Using Guided Access is so easy and helpful click here to learn how to enable it.

5. Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Powder Packs – In my favorite baby items post I listed Mommy’s Bliss Probiotics Drops. We still use the brand except we have switched to the powder packs instead. I still use probiotics because I personally feel like it helps her bowel movements stay regular and she isn’t so gassy during the night. With the drops it was harder to keep up with the bottle if we went out of town or Elle stayed the night with family. With the packs it makes it easier to stash a few here and there in case we need them so she doesn’t miss a dose.

6. HUGGIES Cleansing Wipes -I got a sample of theses in a pack of diapers and they work really well. I love the smell but also love that they are made specifically for the hands and face. Not that regular wipes won’t do the trick but I feel like these are just a little more gentler on the skin.

7. Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies – These are by far Elle’s favorite snack in the world. She could eat a whole can if you let her. I will admit they are tasty. They come in a variety of flavors, aren’t too pricey, and one can usually last me a week. If I’m lucky.

8. Nuk Active Cup – This is pretty much the only cup Elle will drink out of. Occasionally she will drink out of another cup but only for a second. I think that she likes the fact that it’s spout is soft because her and hard spouts are not even associated. We even have two just to make sure we are never without. The cup itself is inexpensive and it holds a lot. So even though Elle is a juice/water/milk a-holic I’m not constantly refilling it.

We try new products here and there as Elle get’s older and becomes more of a diva but I don’t mind because I am always open to new things! List any of your favorite products in the comments!

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    January 10, 2018

    The sofa is so, so cute! Love all the products, I bet they are very helpful. 🙂

    Keep up the good work! xx Jacky

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