The End Is Near
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The End Is Near

Summer is almost over and although I would like to cry no tears shall I shed. Elle stayed with her grandparents for a few days and that was the longest we had been away from each other so all my tears were used for that. I have used about 50% so I have the other 50% on hold. 25% for when I am missing my boo and the other 25% is for any movie I stumble upon that gets me in my feelings, which lets face it is bound to happen in my fragile state. Or on a regular basis. Whatever…

Walmart has finally put out their Fall collection of Garanimals clothing and I am super hype. Their pieces are normally only $3.88 and they have so many different styles so you can mix and match and really make the best use of your money. I personally feel like the pieces hold up well through several washes. Elle basically lives in this brand during the week while she is at daycare. The only bad thing is from what I noticed Walmart does not restock! Once it is gone it’s gone!

Speaking of Elle she is outgrowing my favorite shoes for her, Crocs. I love that they are so easy to get on her and she walks really well in them. I originally got her yellow pair from Once Upon a Child for the low low but looking on the website they aren’t to expensive to purchase brand new. I have seen numerous sales on the site and they offer free shipping when you spend 24.99 or more.

Every now and then I go through this phase of trying to be a makeup professional. Only on myself, but I get so mad that my face doesn’t look anything like those Youtubers and after one day I give up. Well I’m going through that phase again… I have always wanted to contour but did’t really want to wear foundation since I don’t need it necessarily. So I had one of the Sephora employees show me how to contour without foundation and it is fairly easy. She let me know that since I won’t be wearing foundation that cream contour is best and I’ve been practicing with this NYX Wonderstick. The stick makes it easy to apply and it doesn’t break the bank.

Kohl’s has a really good clearance selection at the moment. I got this sweater in grey  along with another. In store they were three dollars each and I had a five dollar reward PLUS you can use any coupons they have a available which brought my total to a dollar and some change. They have some other great tops on clearance too. This off the shoulder crop top, crocheted top, and off the shoulder bodysuit. Don’t forget to check in stores first because their clearance is marked down even better than online and don’t forget to check for coupons for a percentage off.

I can’t believe that there is only technically two more weeks of summer break and I feel like I need to make the most of it. It will be weird not being with Elle all day since we have basically been with each other every day since the end of June. I don’t think she shares the same feelings. She actually likes being around other kids so I know she will be excited to go and see the other kids from daycare. Ugh! I’m sure my first day back to work will use around 10% of my tears… great. Just great.

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    August 7, 2017

    Great Blog Tamarra!

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      August 10, 2017

      Thanks Grandma!

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