Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
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Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

We have been going to the circus for years and of course this year was Elle’s first and last time. I know that she won’t remember going but I like to think that in the future when she says,”I have never been to the circus”, that I can say yes you have! Not that she will care so basically this memory was more for me than her. I am sad that the circus will have it’s last show in May but I also think that the all of the animals involved will indeed lead a better life being either in their own environment or somewhere where they can just be animals and not “circus animals”. I know this all sounds contradictory but some of the acts are amazing and they don’t involve animals and I think that is the real reason I enjoy going to the circus. The theme this year was Out of this World and centered around space so that was pretty cool. Desmond looks thrilled does he not…

Elle was so good during the show and she usually is when we are out unless she is constricted. As long as she is free though she is happy and noisier than ever. Once we got into the show I was worried about the loudness, because let’s face it I worry about everything when it comes to Elle. I was having flashback of that movie Mr. Holland’s Opus where his son is at the parade and that loud sounds goes off and bust his eardrums. Leaving him deaf. Don’t ask me why that has been etched in my mind but it is there. Forever. Always. I just knew when we came out that Elle was going to suffer hearing loss. I kept calling her name and she didn’t respond. So I thought. Got home and turned on Mother Goose Club (her new obsession or mine, still up for debate) and she popped her head around so fast, so in other words she was fine and I was just bothering her by calling her the whole car ride home. I try not to worry as much, but guilty as charged. We also went to Williamsburg this weekend but I was so relaxed that taking pictures was just not on my mind and binge watching Fixer Upper was so I was pretty much occupied. Desmond has been battling an illness and Elle has been trying to catch a fever and runny nose so prayers that by the end of this week everyone will be healthy.

If the circus has not visited your town yet you should definitely check it out!

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey 

Happy Monday!



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    March 27, 2017


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