Hibernation + A Giveaway!
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Hibernation + A Giveaway!

Long time no see! Trust me I have been trying to write a post for sometime now, however Elle will not allow it. She is going through this clingy stage lately and she barely lets Desmond and I breathe without wanting one of us to hold her and stare at her, literally stare at her while she plays or chews on random things, including her socks and anyone’s fingers. The last time I posted was December before Christmas! So first and foremost hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and has been hitting the ground running for the New Year. Not too much has happen since then just a few minor things.

We all had the Norovirus. Not fun AT all. Had to take Elle to the ER (scary!) We all recovered faster than I thought we would but taking care of baby and yourself and another baby (Desmond) is hard work. So I will be fine with that never happening again. As if that request is believable.

Elle can sit up and has just recently begun to army crawl. She won’t do it all the time but if there is something she really wants, ex: keys, remote control, not any of the 50 toys she has… go figure.

Des and I recently got a new car. My car was on the fritz and it was more to fix it than it is was worth. So going from no car payments to two in less than year was not on my bucket list this year but hey we will make it work.

I started my last semester of school and god willing will be graduating in May. I’m working on my final project now and then start my last two classes in March. I’m excited, nervous, and just ready to graduate. Prayers for a successful last semester are appreciated and monetary donations or gifts in May are welcome as well. 🙂

I feel horrible about being gone so long but hey life gets a hold of you sometimes and it’s hard to get things done that aren’t “urgent” per say. Not that my blog is not urgent but you get the gist. BUT to say sorry I am doing a giveaway! When you think about it you guys are actually winning with me being absent, kind of like my second grade teacher who was consistently telling me to be quiet.


Beauty Sample Giveaway

Just enter below and cross you fingers for good luck!

See you guys soon! Not two months soon either. Promise!


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    March 1, 2017

    Wonderful update. I love it. Kiss that Army crawling baby. lol.

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    March 2, 2017

    Yeah! Glad you are back!

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