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Sensei Says…

The weekend is the perfect time to start a new book, binge watch a show, or catch that movie you’ve been meaning to watch for years.


So Sensei Says…

You Should Have Read… Friendship by Emily Gould

A book about the obvious… Friendship! I liked this book because it shows how a friendship can evolve over time and the bumps and bruises two women gain while moving forward and growing in life apart and together.

You Should Be Watching… Shameless

Easily one of my favorite television shows. A dysfunctional family at its best. Although there is always mayhem you will definitely  connect with one of the members of the Gallagher clan. Drunk Frank will make you cringe at his lack of parenting ability and Fiona will make you laugh as she tries to wrangle five siblings, while trying to keep a roof over their head and wasted Frank from wreaking havoc on everyone.

You Should Have Seen… Man on Fire

If you haven’t seen this why? Just why? This is a Denzel Washington classic and little Dakota Fanning was a star in her own right. Let’s just say with a bodyguard like Denzel, anyone looking for trouble will be sorry.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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    Linda Wheeler

    October 21, 2016

    Great idea for a week end !!

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